Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tara and Jacob

So, we watched the weather (as any good event planner does) and when you see that your location is under a HUGE yellow and red area on the radar for the time of the rehearsal, you move things inside, and quickly!  Right about the time to start the rehearsal, the sky opened up and it just POURED; wind blowing, rain coming down in sheets, the whole nine yards. Then as everyone was gathering to begin, we lost power.  Fortunately, this venue had just enough natural light to proceed.  So be flexible and just go with it!

When asked the 3 things that were most important to each of them on their wedding day, they both said “getting married” and “spending time with family and friends.”  Well, good news!  The first one is a definite. . . they were married on a gorgeous hilltop with a spectacular view of the mountains!  And they got to spend hours with their family and friends, dancing and visiting with each other and just having a great time with each other. 

The groom’s mother provided all the centerpieces and most of the d├ęcor and it reflected the couple’s personality to a tee!  Guests provided words of wisdom to Tara and Jacob, each guest received a souvenir glass and they were treated to a s’mores bar toward the end of the reception.  Top off an evening of dancing with a sparkler exit and you have another “perfect” wedding day for Tara & Jacob!

Huge thanks to all the vendors we had the privilege of working with!

Enjoy just a few of the pictures we got during the wedding, but then  check out the fantastic pictures Aaron took at the link above 

Sometimes the vendors gotta get down too!!