Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pam & Austin

Well, Pam and Austin’s wedding day was one for the books for Events by Sherri!  Never say never (and this will make SO much sense as you read through this post)!!

Outdoor weddings in the middle of the summer months always give us pause both for the potential heat and for possible storms.  This one was no exception.  As my grandmother used to always say “there will always be weather” so you just deal with whatever happens!  Saturday was a hot one for sure but that certainly didn’t diminish the enthusiasm of friends and family as they gathered to celebrate Pam and Austin’s marriage!

A beautiful setting for the ceremony with simple yet elegant florals provided by Stonecrop Farm and the idea that “less is more” which could not have been more gorgeous!  And with a bride who practically skipped down the aisle to meet her future husband, what more could you ask for!?
The ceremony proceeded without a hitch and guests made their way to the patio for an extended cocktail hour.  Soft background music was provided by a trio from Night Years, an amazing band out of Raleigh, NC.  Guests were seated for intro’s and a family-style dinner began.  Pam and Austin wanted everyone in attendance to feel like they were over 170 family just sitting down to all enjoy a meal together.  And here is where the evening got interesting. . .

Because of the extreme heat, we kept the wedding cake inside in an air-conditioned space until about 30 minutes before it was to be cut because . . . . well . . . . it was REALLY hot outside!  Pam and her attendants had previously used this particular space for their “getting ready room” but, per their contract with the venue, had to clear all of their items out of the space prior to the ceremony.  With a 10-member band that was to have played for over 4 hours, I felt really bad for them not having an air-conditioned Green Room space for their dinner and breaks that were scheduled.  So, after gaining permission from the venue, we moved the band into the space that was previously occupied by the ladies. 

Everything was moving along smoothly . . .a little TOO smoothly and I commented to my crew that everything was going so well that it was actually making me a little nervous.  So it’s time to bring the cake out about 20 – 30 minutes before the cake cutting.  Kaitlyn got the flowers that she was putting on the cake and headed over to put them on the cake and then set it out.   So she checks the fridge, no cake.  She turned around and there on the counter was the cake boxed opened with barely any crumbs left!  If you’re ahead of me, well, yeppers, you are correct.  No wedding cake!  And you’ve heard the old saying that “my dog ate it?”  Well in this instance, the BAND ate it!  As soon as they realized that the delicious carrot cake they had SO enjoyed was actually the wedding cake, well all heck broke loose!

So we did what we do, we figured it all out and didn’t miss a beat!  Pam and Austin had a ceremonial “pie cutting” with one of the pies earmarked for the dessert bar and Kaitlyn managed to locate 1 piece of cake that the band hadn’t enjoyed so they at least had a taste of their wedding cake! 

The guys in the band felt absolutely horrible about it and I have to tell you that they did everything possible to make up for it.  Played a straight 4 hour set with no break for Pam and Austin and I have to tell you that they rank literally right at the top as far as an amazing band goes!  Played all genres and played them all well, which is hard to find.  And they kept everyone on the dance floor all evening and I am convinced, if they could have, they all would have danced for several more hours!  Just an amazing bunch of guys and lady!

Pam and Austin left amid a sparkler exit with almost all of their guests staying until the very end to continue the “after-party” at a local hotel. 

Thanks to our amazing team of vendors who made it all possible!

The pictures below were captured by Events by Sherri so follow Red Cardinal Studio for the amazing professional pictures they captured!

The aftermath!

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  1. What a lovely couple they are! It was a deligt to work with you again, Sherri. You did a wonderful job making it all happen!